1.1    藉各種學習經驗,培養學生對物理的興趣。

1.2    傳授學生物理概念,讓他們能掌握基本物理現象的原理。

1.3    協助學生為文憑試作妥善準備,繼而讓他們爭取理想成績。


1.1    安排午間活動,及到大學聆聽專題演講,用以刺激學生對物理的興趣;

1.2    全面推行電子學習,加強學生與老師之間的互動,亦可讓大量學生同時作出反應。

1.3    推行可持續緊湊式評估計劃,每循環週測試學生的吸收程度。

1.4    實施快回饋計劃,令學生能在最短時間內認識自己在概念上的錯誤。

1.5    舉辦導學班,以解決學習差異帶來的問題。

1.6    開展中三級小型專題研習,讓學生在課餘透過完成所訂的項目建立合作精神及自學的能力。

1.7    全面實施雙語授課,讓學生在合乎語言能力的情況下選擇所需的授課語言。




1.1    To stimulate the students’ interest in Physics through varied academic experiences.

1.2    To enlighten students on the basic concepts of Physics in order that they better grasp the physical principles behind natural phenomena such as motion and force, energy, gravity and electricity.

1.3    To rigorously prepare the students to help them reach their highest potential in the HKDSE.

Year Plan:

1.1    To arrange fun lunchtime learning activities and attend special university lectures to keep the students’ interest in physics at its peak.

1.2    The full implementation of e-learning can enhance the interaction between students and teachers, and also allow a large number of students to respond at the same time.

1.3    To implement an efficient assessment scheme to test the students’ course material retention levels.

1.4    To implement an immediate feedback program in order to help the students recognize what areas of study require extra effort.

1.5    To organize tutorial sessions to address problems arising from different learning abilities among the students.

1.6    To help students build a spirit of cooperation among themselves and enhance self-learning within themselves through the completion of small-scale Physics projects in their free time.

1.7    To fully implement bilingual teaching by allowing the students to choose Cantonese or English as their preferred language of instruction.

Teaching staff:

        Mr. Chan K K, Mr. Kwok P Y, Mr. Wong W K


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