Pak Sha Cup – Primary Schools 3X3 Basketball Competition

Details and Regulations

Date:20th  November, 2022 (Sunday)
Venue:Basketball Court at S.W.C.S. Chan Pak Sha School
Target:Primary 4 to Primary 6 students
Time:10:00am to 2:00pm
Mode of competition3X3 Half Court
Awards:Champion, First runner-up, Second runner-up, Third runner-up andBest Shooter (to be awarded to the player attaining the highest points in total)
No. of players / each teamEach team comprises of a maximum of 5 players(Any alternation to the player list will not be accepted after submission of application)
Application deadline:28th  October, 2022 (Friday)
Prize-giving ceremony:20th November, 2022 (Sunday)3:30pm – 4:00pm

1. Competition Format:

  1. 1 Participating teams will compete under round-robin and single elimination system.
  2. 2 The size of ball used in each game is Size 5.
  3. 3 Playing time of each match is 10 minutes. The clock will stop when 1 minute is left.
  4. 4 Each team will be given 1 timeout, which lasts for 30 seconds.
  5. 5 If the score is tied at the end of the game, an overtime will be played. The first team to score 2 points wins the game.
  6. 6 A team will lose a game by default if it leaves the court before the end of the game. The opposing team will win the game.
  7. 7 Any coach / player committing unsportsmanlike fouls or breaching the regulations will be disqualified from the game by the referee.
  8. 8 Judgment of chief referee will be considered as the final judgment. No appeals will be considered for any disagreement.
  9. 9 The organiser reserves the right to change the rules of game if needed.
  10. 10 The playing schedule is subjected to changes according to the situation. Should there be changes, the schedule announced on the day of the competition should prevail.
  11. 11 Besides this prospectus, the competition will be conducted in accordance with “FIBA 3X3 Basketball Rules” released by Hong Kong Basketball Association on Jan 2019.×3%20Rules/FIBA-3×3-Basketball-Rules-Full-2019(TC).pdf

2. Importance Notice:

According to the latest government regulation, players and all visitors are required to scan the QR code of the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile app before they are allowed to enter the school premise. All parties are required to wear mask except during competition.

3. Points to note:

  1. 1 No alternation to the player list will be accepted after confirmation. If an imposter is found, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify the individual/related team from the competition, and the results obtained may also be invalidated.
  2. 2 Every player can represent one team only.
  3. 3 Every team must register 20 minutes before the scheduled time and present their identification documents. A team will lose the game by forfeit if at 5 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the game the team is not present on the playing court with 3 players ready to play.
  4. 4 Each player is required to wear a shirt with numbers from 0 to 99. When shirts of two competing teams are of the same colours, numbered vests will be provided.
  5. 5 When the Hong Kong Observatory issues the Red or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal or Typhoon Signal No.3, the competition will be cancelled. In case of other adverse weather conditions, players should report at the designated venue. The chief referee has the right to decide whether the competition shall continue.
  6. 6 The official committee reserves the right for any amendments of the prospectus.
  7. 7  For enquiries, please contact Mr Ho Sai Keung at 2553 5324.

4. Online Application

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