School Information Day & Inter-School Primary School Competition

Info Day and Inter-School Competitions

CPSS Information Day (Info Day) will be held on 20th November, 2022 (Sunday) to help Primary 6 students and their parents understand more about our school. Details of the Info Day are as follows.

Date : 20th November, 2022
Time : 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Venue : S.W.C.S. Chan Pak Sha School
Registration : Sign up online or call our school to register

In order to arouse student’s interest in learning, our school has been organizing Inter-Primary Schools Competitions for consecutive years. In the competitions, not only can students learn and communicate with each other, but also establish friendships and enhance their academic performance through collaboration. We would like to invite you to participate in the competitions. Please find the details below.

Primary School Mathematical Olympiad Invitation Tournament
Pak Sha STEM Problem-solving Challenges
Pak Sha Cup – Primary Schools 3X3 Basketball Competition

Date : 20th November, 2022
Time and Application : See the prospectus of each competition

Our school strictly puts in place the various anti-epidemic measures stipulated in the “Health Protection Measures for Schools” issued by the EDB and the “Health Advice to Schools for the Prevention of COVID-19” issued by the CHP, including having all personnel and visitors wearing masks all the time within school campus, monitor visitors’ body temperature upon entry to the school premise etc., to protect the health of all parties.
Should you have any enquiries, please contact our Vice Principal, Ms Wong Ming Kin at 25535324.

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