Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA)


Co-curricular Activities Committee


  • To develop students’ potential in ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics.
  • To build the physique, foster honesty, diligence and perseverance. To nurture all-rounded characters and good citizens.
  • To inspire students’ interests and potential, develop strengths and nurture talents for the country.
  • To encourage students to love and serve the community, foster the spirit of responsibility and contribute to the country.
  • To train students’ abilities to organize activities and leadership skills. To cultivate the spirit of teamwork and a sense of belonging.
  • To enrich and deepen knowledge, strengthen academics, raise students’ organization and critical thinking abilities.


Arrangement of Co-curricular Activities

  • Regular Activities:

2023-2024 ‘Multi-talented Activity’ Scheme


  • Multi-talented (Music) Activities

Our school has always put strong emphasizes on the development of aesthetic education. Through the implementation of the scheme, we hope to foster students’ patience, team-spirt and self-control. The scheme also aims to conform to Other Learning Experiences (OLE) of the New Senior Secondary Curriculum (NSSC) and widens students’ learning experiences in different horizons. For this reason, we carry out a ‘Musical Instrument Training Program’ especially for our S.1 students (compulsory for 1A and 1B classes). Students of other classes are welcomed to join at their own discretion. The program will be taught by experienced music teachers. There are no tuition fees required from any of our students. Some instruments are also provided by the school. 

  • Multi-talented (Sport and Art) Activities

To achieve an all-rounded development in moral, academic, physical, social and aesthetical domains, and growth in our students, the school arranges various after-school sport and art activities. Students should pay attention to the recruitment dates and take initiative to join the activities with teachers-in-charge. Students from S.1 to S.3 must join at least one sport and art activity.

  • Multi-talented (Uniform Groups) Activities

To build team-spirit, we encourage all S.1 and S.2 students to take part in the Uniform Groups’ trainings. All S.1 students must join at least one Uniform Groups’ activity from the following: Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, Safety Patrol and St. John Ambulance Team.

Arrangement of ‘Multi-talented Activity’ Scheme in each form:


  S.1 S.1-S.3 S.4.-S.6
1A 1B 1C 1D
A (Music) Join at least one Join at least one Voluntary Voluntary Join at least one Voluntary
B (Sport and Art) Join at least one
C (Uniform Groups) Join at least one


Schedule for ‘Multi-talented Activity’ Scheme:

  A: Music B: Sport and Art(School Sport Teams / Clubs and Interest Groups) C: Uniform Groups
Monday School Choir Male Volleyball Team Board Games Club (13:30-14:05)Photography Club (13:30-14:05)Library Services Team  
Tuesday   Female Basketball TeamKendo TeamJapanese ClassMagic ClubEnglish Drama ClubBoard Games Club (13:30-14:05)Calligraphy and Pour Painting Club Library Services Team  
Wednesday   Board Games Club (13:30-14:05) Table Tennis Team Female Volleyball TeamChinese Martial Arts and Lion Dance TeamSTEM ClubFootball Team (17:00)Library Services Team  
Thursday Clarinet classFlute classTrumpet class Saxophone class Brass classPercussion Class Board Games Club (13:30-14:05) Male Basketball TeamBadminton Team Artistic Creation ClubDarts TeamLibrary Services TeamSwimming Team  
Friday   Board Games Club (13:30-14:05) Sing to Stardom ClubFemale Volleyball TeamTrack and Field TeamYoga and Relaxing Stretch Club Library Services Team Girl Guides Hong Kong Road Safety PatrolFlag Raising Team
Saturday      Hong Kong St. John’s Ambulance


Non-Regular Activities:

  • Houses will hold 4 to 5 inter-house events annually and assist in organizing Swimming Gala and Sports Day.
  • Subject Societies will hold at least 1 event per term and 1 post-exam activity for the whole school or whole form.
  • School Sport Teams, Clubs and Interest Groups, Uniform Team will hold Celebrations Day / Experience Day.
  • Music events will be organished annually (Talent show, Variety Show or Post-exam Concert). 
  • There will be other large scale activities, including School Information Day, Tours to Southern Secondary Schools, Life-wide Learning Day and Bowling Day.