English Language


At CPSS, our primary objective has been to provide our students with a comprehensive and valuable English language education.

We are committed to enhancing our students’ academic performance, and to this end, we have assembled a team of proficient and supportive English teachers who are both dedicated and innovative. Our teaching methodologies are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our students, and we continually refine our approaches through accelerated and foundation programs, thereby fostering motivation for learning.

We believe that students learn most effectively when they are engaged in fun and meaningful activities. As such, we organize a variety of language-rich and entertaining activities annually.

We recognize the importance of equipping our students with the ability to use English effectively in real-world settings beyond the classroom. To facilitate this, we arrange overseas English learning tours, offering students the opportunity to utilize the lingua franca to explore the world firsthand.

We hope that these experiences will instill in our students an appreciation for the significance of English as a tool for communication, study, work and entertainment, and that they will continue to enjoy learning the language long after they have completed their studies with us.