Year Plan:

1.1    To arrange fun lunchtime learning activities and attend special university lectures to keep the students’ interest in physics at its peak.

1.2    The full implementation of e-learning can enhance the interaction between students and teachers, and also allow a large number of students to respond at the same time.

1.3    To implement an efficient assessment scheme to test the students’ course material retention levels.

1.4    To implement an immediate feedback program in order to help the students recognize what areas of study require extra effort.

1.5    To organize tutorial sessions to address problems arising from different learning abilities among the students.

1.6    To help students build a spirit of cooperation among themselves and enhance self-learning within themselves through the completion of small-scale Physics projects in their free time.

1.7    To fully implement bilingual teaching by allowing the students to choose Cantonese or English as their preferred language of instruction.


Teaching staff:

        Mr. Chan K K, Mr. Kwok P Y, Mr. Wong W K