School Vision and Mission

Based on the school motto “Sincerity and Integrity”, we aim to nurture our students’ mind and soul and to create relevant learning opportunities that help them develop character and knowledge. By providing various learning experiences, we are dedicated to preparing and motivating our students for a rapidly changing world. We seek to instill in them a global perspective, and a respect for core values of honesty, loyalty, perseverance, and compassion. At the same time, we offer a high-quality bilingual education which aims to equip all students with both Chinese and English language abilities and to enhance individual competitiveness. The school fosters a loving, caring and respectful environment to cultivate moral and cultural development so as to inspire students to become diverse, global citizens with a fulfilling future within the greater community.


Our school features:

  1. Bilingual in Junior, EMI in Senior
  2. Worldwide Tours, Global Vision
  3. All-round Education, Whole-person Development
  4. Caring Campus, Mentorship Experience

Our students are our first priority. Our missions are to expand the future for our students, encourage them to pursue and realize their dreams, provide them with all-round care and allow them to thrive academically. With sincerity and progress, innovation and change, our school strives to develop a smart campus with students who excel in all aspects of learning.