Integrated Science


Aim of Curriculum:

Through the diversified learning activities of this subject, students are expected to be able to

1. Acquire basic scientific knowledge and skills and generate curiosity and interest in science;

2. Know how to conduct some basic scientific experiments;

3. Observe, discuss and analyze everyday phenomena accurately and objectively;

4. Think independently and scientifically and make rational decisions to solve problems;

5. Develop a good learning attitude and a spirit of inquiry;

6. Prepare for future studies or employment in STEM-related fields.


Learning Target of 2023 – 2024:

1. Fully implement English as the media of instruction in teaching and use of English textbooks, revise the curriculum appropriately according to the abilities of students.

2. Foster a positive learning attitude, promote e-learning and reading.

3. Teach according to aptitude and take care of learning differences among the students.


Teaching Staff:

Secondary 1: Mr. Kwok Pak Yu, Mr. Sin Tai Wai (Panel Head)

Secondary 2: Mr. Kwok Pak, Yu, Mr. Chan Kee Ko


Activity Photos: