1. To enable students to learn to explore and understand the interaction of 

people,land and the environment and related spatial concepts from a

 geographical perspective.

2. To enable students to recognize and understand the landscape patterns of

 different places.

3. To enable students to develop the general intellectual capacity and generic

 skills needed for lifelong learning through geographical enquiry, and the

 ability to apply these in life situations.

4. To enable students to develop positive values ​​and attitudes and put them into action, so as to be informed and responsible citizens who are willing to act for

 the betterment of their home city, home nation and the world, and to

 contribute to the sustainable development of human societies and the

 natural environment.



1. Organize tutorial classes to cater for learning diversities and enhance

 students’ ability to cope with public examination.

2. Encourage the use of e-learning to enhance the interaction between students 

and teacher in the classroom and promote self-directed learning of students.

3. English elements are added to the curriculum at all levels of junior forms to 

improve students’ language ability. 

4. Organize extra-curricular activities such as Geography field trip to arouse

 students’ interest in Geography.

5. Support National Security Education to enhance students’ national identity

 and sense of responsibility to safeguard national security together.


Teaching staff

Mr. Wong Shu Hei (Form 1)

Ms. Chung Tsz Wan (Form 2 and Form 5)

Ms. Tsang Suiet Mui (Form1, Form 3, Form 4 and Form 6)