School Profile
S.W.C.S. Chan Pak Sha School
Sponsoring Body San Wui Commercial Society
School Category Co-educational Aided
Year of Establishment 1975
School Motto 誠正 Sincerity and Integrity
Class Structure 4 classes each form
Student Number about 700
School Supervisor Mr. CHIU Tsz-kei
School Principal Dr. Yeung Man Tak
School Vice-Principal Ms. Lau Ying
Ms. Wong Ming Kin
Teachers’ Qualifications Master Degree or above: 51%
Bachelor Degree: 100%
Teacher Training: 87%
Area 5,050 sq. m.
Address 1 Shum Wan Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
Telephone  (852)25535324
Fax  (852)28700536
Email [email protected]