Aim of Biology Curriculum:

The overarching aim of the Biology Curriculum is to provide biology-related learning experiences that enable students to develop scientific literacy, so that they can participate actively in our rapidly changing knowledge-based society, prepare for further studies or careers in the fields related to life science, and become lifelong learners in science and technology.

Learning Target of 2023 – 2024:

1. Cultivate active learning attitude and promote self-directed learning and STEM Education among students.

2. Sustain Learning foundation and provide training opportunities for high order thinking.

3. Cater for learning diversities with the provision of differentiated learning material.

4. Support National Security Education so as to enhance students’ national identity and their sense of law abidingness that lead to raise their sense and responsibility to safeguard national security together.

Teaching Staff

F.3, F.5, F.6: Mr. Sin Tai Wai (Panel Head)

F.4, F.5: Mr. Wong Pak Shing


Activity Photos