Information and Communication Technology



1.    To teach the basic knowledge and applications of computer system, information

and communication technology;

2.    to cultivate the positive attitude of the students when using information


3.  to cultivate the problem solving skills, logical thinking, analytical skills, data

        induction skills, presentation skills and resolving skills, and integrate the

        corresponding skills in different learning areas;

4.     to match with the development of STEM learning and integrate the scientific,

        mathematical and computational skills;

23-24 Year Plan

1.     To help students prepare DSE to get desired results;

2.     School-based STEM curriculum in Junior Forms

3.     Bilingual medium in Senior Form


Teaching Staffs

Form 1 :  Mr Chan KH, Mr Wong KC

Form 2 :  Mr Tam TN, Mr Wong WK and Mr Wong KC

Form 3 :  Mr Wong KC

Form 4 and 5:  Mr Wong KC

Form 6 : Mr Tung HO


Underwater Robot Competition