Year Plan (2023-2024) of the Guidance Committee
(A)Work objectives:

1. This year, we focus on promoting the message of “Healthy Campus” in order to help students develop healthy living habits, establish a positive outlook on life and values, learn practical life skills and know the ways to resist temptation around, etc..

2. For Secondary 1 and 2 students, the focus is on cultivating the concept of respect for others, empathy, and the importance of being law-abiding so that they understand, for the well-being of the community, compliance with laws and regulations is the basic responsibility of citizens, and they must learn how to stand in others’ shoes to be understanding and forgiving as well as accept different opinions, thus helping to create a harmonious and caring school. Also, students will be taught how to judge the behavior of others with a sense of fairness, be able to discover and face the strengths and weaknesses of others objectively, learn from the others’ experience, and never blindly worship or criticize without grounds.

3. For Secondary 3 and 4 students, we emphasize promoting and developing the caring spirit of students so that students are willing to share with others, understand “giving is more blessed than receiving”, appreciate the spirit of not expecting anything in return, build up a good attitude towards donation, take the initiative to care about the needs of others, contribute time and effort to help those in need, and respect people from different backgrounds.

4. For Secondary 5 and 6 students, facing the challenge of the HKDSE, they should see the importance of hard work and perseverance, and get rid of some bad habits such as laziness, having the attitude of always trying one’s luck for getting something without paying, and over-indulgence in leisure and play. Students will also be assisted to understand their various abilities, aptitudes, interests, characteristics, together with the environment they are in with the hope of equipping them successfully with the ability to develop themselves, adapt to the environment, plan for the future, and reach self-realization.

5. To go in line with national security education, national identity, law-abiding spirit as well as the awareness and sense of responsibility of jointly safeguarding national security will be enhanced with a whole-school approach.

(B)Specific implementation plan:
1. Form meetings at all levels
Regular form meetings will be held to discuss students’ academic performance. Special attention will be drawn to the needs of SEN students through brainstorming and discussing how to help them. Teachers related will follow them up and provide prompt support.

2. Interest groups
Social workers will organize some fun activities in students’ spare time, and invite target students to participate with the aim to build up good relationship with students so that their problems can be discovered and remediated as soon as possible.

3. District-Based Project
The District-Based Project mainly provides more support and opportunities for underprivileged students to improve their learning effectiveness, broaden their learning experience outside classroom, and enhance their understanding of society and sense of belonging so as to achieve a balanced development of the whole person.

4. Bridging Program for Secondary One
Primary school graduates will face a series of challenges when entering secondary school. Our school is committed to providing students with comprehensive assistance and support in social, psychological and academic aspects at the beginning of the term. We will assist S1 students to adapt to the new environment actively through a correct way so as to lay a solid foundation for their future learning and pleasant campus life.

5. Big Brothers and Sisters Program

This program is the highlight of the Guidance Committee each year. It aims to help junior form students solve problems in adaptation, learning and social aspects with the assistance from Big Brothers and Sisters recruited from senior forms as buddies. With the spirit of helping others equivalent to self-help, Big Brothers and Sisters will take care of S1 students to establish a caring campus so that S1 students, being nurtured in a warm campus, can grow up happily and healthily.

6. Leadership Training Program for Big Brothers and Sisters
Most of the important responsibilities of major student organizations in school such as the Student Union, the Four Houses, various societies, and interest groups, are performed by senior form students. In order to enable these students to fully utilize their leadership skills, school social workers and the Guidance Committee will jointly organize leadership training days to provide appropriate training for them to learn skills related in order that they can play the role of leaders in their service.

7. Community Volunteer Service Team
Students will be encouraged to take action to give back to society by using their spare time to participate in a variety of community services for providing care for different groups in society.

8. School talks
Themes of this year’s school talks include healthy development of students’ body and mind socially as well as spiritually, self-discipline, tolerance, abiding by laws and regulations, respecting others, and having a sense of responsibility.

9. Student Mental Health Support Scheme
To establish a cross-professional collaboration platform in school through the cooperation of medical, teaching and social aspects, we will provide appropriate support services for students with mental health needs.

10. Recruitment of additional clinical psychologists
The Guidance Committee is going to cooperate with the special education department to recruit additional clinical psychologists to provide more school-based psychological services. The work of the clinical psychologists coming to school includes offering psychological assessment and diagnosis, counselling services for teachers and school social workers, and individual case psychological counseling for students.

11. Healthy School Program
This program cultivates students’ positive values ​​and attitudes to help them make objective analysis and reasonable judgments when encountering difficulties at different stages of growth.

12. Participation in the “Provision of Services on Planning Life Education in Primary and Secondary Schools” Program organized by EdUHK
With the useful experience offered by the sponsoring organization as help, this program aims to establish life and values ​​education and professional contact network for school to help shape students’ good character, cultivate students’ correct values, and establish positive life attitude.